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By the Numbers:


LGBT older adults are twice as likely to be single or live as alone compared to their
non-LGBT peers


LGBT older adults are four times less likely to have children compared to non-LGBT older adults

1 in 5

1 in 5 LGBT people are caregivers compared to
1 in 6 non-LGBT people


Nine percent of the
34.2 million unpaid caregivers of older adults are LGBT
Caregiving can be a rewarding but sometimes difficult experience. LGBT caregivers face unique challenges, from healthcare laws that privilege biological families to a lack of resources for LGBT-specific needs.

SAGE is proud to offer resources designed especially for LGBT caregivers and their advocates:

For Everyone

Get an overview with Fact Sheet: LGBT Caregiving

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Locate LGBT-friendly services near you with
10 Tips for Finding LGBT-Affirming Services.

For Caregivers

Organize your caregiving plan with Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Caregivers in the LGBT Community, which includes checklists, resources, and more.

For Service Providers

Learn how to support LGBT caregivers in your community using this guide, Caregiving in the LGBT Community: A Guide to Engaging and Supporting LGBT Caregivers through Programming.

For healthcare professionals, check out our guide Identifying and Referring LGBT Caregivers: Tips for Health Care Professionals.

For Those Caring for Themselves

Customize your own caregiving plan with
Create Your Care Plan: An LGBT Person's Guide to Preparing for Medical Procedures.

For all of these resources and more, visit the National Resource Center for LGBT Aging.

These resources were developed with the generous support of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

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