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National Leadership Council

SAGE’s National Leadership Council members have made the care and concerns of LGBT elders a priority in their lives. SNLC members support SAGE’s work across the country both through raising financial contributions and by serving as ambassadors of SAGE and LGBT aging issues in their respective communities.

SNLC members each raise or contribute a total of $10,000 each year, with a minimum personal contribution of $2,500. These ambassadors champion SAGE's work in their local communities through serving on local steering committees, taking on leadership roles, and otherwise supporting SAGE's vibrant network.

SAGE's gratitude to these extraordinary community leaders is immeasurable. To recognize the important role that SNLC members play in our work on behalf of LGBT elders, SNLC members are regularly invited to exclusive dinners and other events to socialize and gain a first-hand briefing on SAGE's challenges, achievements and projects on the horizon. SNLC members are briefed at least twice per year by our CEO Michael Adams on the latest news on LGBT aging. And when possible, we create opportunities for the SNLC to come together with SAGE's Board of Directors for joint meetings and dinners.

We are fortunate to have the following individuals currently serving on the SAGE National Leadership Council:

Larry Chanen, Esq. — New York City
Jennifer Hatch — New York City

Honorary Co-Chair
James C. Hormel — San Francisco

Members at Large
Ward Auerbach & Andy Baker — New York City
Carol Davidson & Jody Silver — New York City
Victoria Hill — Washington D.C.
Dr. Margaret Jacob & Dr. Lynn Hunt — Los Angeles
Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba — New York City
James G. Pepper — Miami
Steve A. Rabin — Los Angeles
Chris Rivers — New York City
John B. Roberts, Esq. — New York City
Gerald Rupp, Esq. — New York City
Thomas Sciacca, Esq. — New York City
Ted Snowdon & Duffy Violante — New York City
Joy A. Tomchin — New York City
Jim Tyrrell and Roger Thomson — Miami
Richard C. Weber — New York City/Miami
The Calamus Foundation — Philanthropic Member Organization

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SAGE (EIN 13-2947657) is a certified, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.

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