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Link Policy

Linking to SAGE

SAGE encourages other organizations/entities to link to relevant pages on the SAGE website. Advance permission to link to the SAGE website is not required, but linking organizations/entities must be aware that SAGE pages may change without notice. Links to the SAGE website should be continuously verified to ensure proper linkage between SAGE and the linking organization/entity.

Organizations/entities linking to the SAGE website must not present SAGE material content as their own, misrepresent SAGE website content, or misinform users about the origin and ownership of SAGE website content. Some content on the SAGE website may be copyrighted or otherwise protected as intellectual property, and must be used in accordance to state and federal laws.

Any link to the SAGE website should pass the user directly from the original site to the SAGE site, and the “back” button should return the visitor to the original site if the visitor chooses to back out of the SAGE site.

Linking from SAGE

The SAGE website publishes links to external organizations/entities that provide services or otherwise benefit SAGE constituents. 

Organizations/entities wishing to have a link published on the SAGE website must meet the following criteria:

  1. The external organization/entity is a partner organization, resource, or otherwise corresponds with the SAGE mission,
  2. The external organization/entity is not commercial in nature,
  3. The external organization/entity is not a political candidate or an organization furthering the agenda of a candidate running for office,
  4. The external organization/entity must not conflict with the SAGE mission, and must fit within a reasonable scope of SAGE’s work.

Organizations/entities wishing to submit a link to the SAGE website should the review process below:

  1. Email the link request to, with the words “Link Request” in the subject line,
  2. The link will be reviewed based on the criteria described above,
  3. Organizations/entities that are approved to be linked from the SAGE website must adhere to the link maintenance conditions listed below.

SAGE requires that all organizations/entities linked from the SAGE website adhere to the following link maintenance conditions:

  1. All linked sites must contain a privacy policy that is accessible from the main page,
  2. Users must have an easy way to return to the SAGE website once they have clicked on the link to an external organization/entity. This can be accomplished by allowing the user to click the “back” button to return to the SAGE website, and/or by having a link to the SAGE website on the external website’s main page,
  3. External organizations/entities must inform SAGE, via the email address provided above, if links become inactive or inaccurate,
  4. External sites that are linked to the SAGE website should not excessively burden the SAGE website management system.

SAGE reserves the right to remove external links at its discretion, and links may also be removed at the request of the external organization/entity that initiated the link. Links will be reviewed periodically, and may be removed for the following reasons:

  1. The external website fails to comply with the guidelines set for link acceptance and maintenance,
  2. The link becomes invalid or inaccurate,
  3. The information contained in the link no longer supports the SAGE mission.
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